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For those of you wondering where my rant on "What the Bleep do we know?!" went, I haven't given up on it, but without a transcript of the movie things move a little slower. I have sent a couple of letters to some of the more mainstream scientific publications requesting that they do an article on this film instead of leaving it up to film critics to deal with issues of science, so hopefully that will get a response.

Via geekpress, campaigning pledges you will never hear.

Some of you will notice a new blog on the left side of the screen. Thanks to the folks over at MR for the heads up. Here is a link to a post on prescription drug re-importation.

I will be going to the sneak preview of "Team America: World Police" on Saturday. I heard on the radio recently that there was an argument over the rating which initially was going to be NC-17. For those of you who don't know, this is a movie using dolls...the NC-17 was reported for graphic sexual content. At first I laughed. I mean how graphic could it be? The more I think about the South Park movie and the introduction of a dildo by (barely) animated characters, the more funny I think this could be (South Park was rated R). My list of movies I want to see right now has gotten suprisingly long.

1. Shaun of the Dead
2. Wimbleton
3. I Heart Hucklebees
4. The Forgotten
5. Team America: World Police

I'm sure there are more too, but I only have so much time and these are the top 5 I want to see in the theater.

What other things can I mention today that noone will even remotely care about? I will be in Chicago during the election in November. It will be my first time with many of my regional coworkers during a political event like this and I'm fully expecting to develop many enemies...maybe I should just hide in my hotel room. I don't want to sabotage my career this early in life.

I will be watching the debate tomorrow night and fully expect to bang my head into a wall repeatedly listening to both of the candidates. Not just the candidates though...the people asking the questions are probably going to drive me just as nuts. This is yet another reason I could never run for office. Someone would ask me, "why did you let company x send my job over seas?" and I would respond "because the fact that goods can be produced cheaper there means that they should be produced there, and by the way the people in country x deserve to be able to compete for jobs just like your neighbor should be allowed to compete for your job. Now stop being such a baby and stop expecting that the world shouldn't change just because you are too lazy to develop some skills to get a new job, and sit the hell down so we can talk about something relevant. " Yeah...I wouldn't get any votes. (Incidentally, this post from over at Cafe Hayek on the subject is worth a read for any protectionists out there reading.)

After the debates I will go out to a bar/club and find some woman who doesn't even know who is running for office so that she can look at me like I'm retarded as I attempt to ask her out. I imagine the entire evening will be pretty painful.

Oh...I have to work on Saturday and get some schedules written up, but I have moved out of the probationary period where all of my reports are reviewed before I transmit them. I am now down to the standard 15% quality review so hooray for me. On the downside, the safety net has been removed so if I fall it is going to hurt.

Okay, I think that is it for now. I have been a bad bad person and not emailed the twins in forever so I should get to that now before I pack up my stuff for my office work tomorrow.

Catch ya all on the flip side.

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