Sunday, October 03, 2004


The days they do go by

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. My work laptop was actually working this weekend so I felt I'd better get some work done before the inevitable end of that little miracle. I got reports written up on 6 companies...well actually 5 and 9/10ths. When I get into the office tomorrow I should get that finished, assuming I can get access to the appropriate database, in about 5 minutes. Anyway...props for my productivity.

This starts the beginning of the new fiscal year for us at work. That means performance standards start fresh and I'm off to a very good start.

In other news, despite my intense work effort I did make it to A Dirty Shame on Saturday evening. I am not going to lecture anyone who doesn't know who John Waters is. Some people seem to think that I don't really expect people to know these names and that I only act indignant about it. Of course I also had a professor who claimed I shouldn't quote Nietzche in a speech because too many people might not know who he was so I don't give to much credence to that view. Anyway, if you don't know I won't criticize you...just stop being a dumbass and learn your cult movie history. (That didn't sound judgemental did it?)

Not much else for me to report today. Well actually tons to report, but not enough energy to do it. I have comments on the debates, but they already are probably too dated to even justify posting on. I have comments on several debates that I watched this weekend on C-Span as well (yes I often put C-Span on in the background while I work...and people wonder why I can't get a reasonably attractive woman interested in me...okay so no one wonders...anyway). I particularly liked the "discussion" featuring Dole and Gore. Dole was so much more entertaining and engaging than he was when he was running for office. It may be sad to say, but I think losing agreed with him. If it weren't for his age, I could definitely see him coming back and taking the GOP nomination next time and even winning the election (of course there is no way of knowing what his chances would be without knowing who he would be running against). He was funny and insightful (though if Gore talked for too long he seemed to forget the question that had initially been asked when it was directed to him for a response). I type this I am having different computer problems. I think it is time for me to go...Night all.

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