Saturday, October 09, 2004


Afterthoughts on the debate

This article in Reason on why we shouldn't necessarily expect Kerry to protect our civil liberties any more than Bush. Guess what, some of the most objectionable stuff in the Patriot Act was actually written by Kerry. Thanks to The Fifty Minute Hour for the pointer.

One other thought on the debate last night, which is reairing now...Bush missed a golden opportunity when asked about his record on the environment. He should have stood up and said in his initial response that he rates himself 3 out of 5 on the environment because he does look to improve the environment but not without regard to the consequences for economic stability and growth since ultimately wealth is the way to achieve less pollution. Whether you agree or disagree that that is his record and policy...I think it is a winning answer. I think Kerry also shot himself in the foot on this question by stating that the Kyoto Treaty was flawed but somehow implying that it was wrong to say that we didn't support it. This despite a senate vote of 95 - 0 on a resolution against ratifying any treaty that left developing nations exempt or directly impacted American jobs back in 1997. In case anyone was wondering that is why Clinton didn't submit the treaty to the senate for ratification.

Argh...I'm getting a headache...I think it is time for me to go lay down.

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