Tuesday, September 28, 2004



My computer problems with my work laptop continue. I can't access my email from home...this is particularly annoying. Also the inability to replicate my database is going to cause problems for me if I don't get this resolved by the end of the week.

Also...a detour that takes you 40 miles out of your way is no longer a detour. Those of you trying to travel through Ohio on the 23 will understand what I mean.

Hot Abercrombie Chick has a rather interesting post on "The Social Contract" in the Hobbesian incarnation. I mention it as the subject has been brought up in the comments section on this blog before. She shares my distaste with the theory of a "social contract."

Also via Geekpress, Klingons for Kerry. Between this and the communist party's anti Bush attacks, which it claims are not an outright endorsement of Kerry ("We have refrained from fielding our own candidate so as not to distract from the main effort of defeating Bush and the ultra-riight extremist agenda." --technically this isn't an endorsement of Kerry, but it seems clear who you are expected to vote for.) I'm not sure if Bush will be able to pull it out. (This is meant to be sarcastic).

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