Tuesday, September 28, 2004


Transcript/Screenplay Anyone?

If anyone knows where I can find the transcripts/screenplay for the movie "What the Bleep do We know?" I would appreciate the link. The two major pieces of evidence that are listed on the website from the movie are the meditation experiment and the water messages. Both of those I have been able to find stuff on that show that both are ludicrous. I'll post more on them shortly. The rest of the science seems to suffer more from exaggeration than anything else. There is a huge divide between what is true in the microsphere and the macrosphere. Because I do not wish to jump to conclusions I would like to be able to attribute what statements were made by whom and what the order was. This is important because I think that the way that interviews were edited (accentuated by the fact that you don't know what field each person is from until the end of the movie) may have made it sound as though the physicists were talking about the same things as the mystics when they probably weren't (as at least on of the physicists has already stated). For example, someone (I don't remember who) stated that physics makes no distinction between the future and the past. This is true at a micro level, but at the macro level the laws of thermodynamics definitely speak to the validity of that statement because they are entirely about directional flow. Even a book I read many years ago "Time's Arrow and Archimedes Point" which takes the position that we may perhaps be viewing the flow of time incorrectly because we are in "the flow," would not come close to being viewed as supporting the assertion that I heard. I do not want to misinterpret what people said based solely on my memory though as it will be too subject to mistinterpretation.

Anyway...I have to go for now, but if anyone could please direct me to some written document regarding the specific wording and who said what in the movie it would be greatly appreciated. I don't particularly want to give more money to these people at this point.

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