Monday, September 13, 2004


No looking deep into my soul today...just links.

Here is a good post from over at the 50 minute hour about why not to vote for Bush...just to satisfy my critics who seem to think I'm a "right wing shill." (I find it disturbing that someone would mistake me for a mouthpiece for the Republican Party.)

Here is an interesting perspective on the Sims video games.

For those of you wanting to do your own electoral college calculations, here is a spreadsheet to mess around with courtesy of

A man was arrested for not leaving a tip. Here is the story. It should prove an interesting court case.

"Train Hits Car Carrier Full of Porsches." Is it wrong that I smirked a little when I heard this? I can imagine all of the middle aged men going through mid life crises who are in mourning and all of the sugar daddies who aren't going to get any tonight. (Sadly, there was a girl in California that I would gladly have bought a porshe for had I the money...the sad part is that even that wouldn't have made a difference).

More on "Dollars and Death."

A discussion at work today, that I instigated in case anyone had any doubts, brought up the subject of whether or not there is such a thing as fiat money. I was influenced heavily by Mike Sproul and you can find some of his writing on the subject here.

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