Tuesday, September 21, 2004


Hi...how ya been?

So on Friday night I went to my monthly poker game. I soundly trounced everyone. I like to think it was because of my superior mathematical skills, but more likely it was because everyone else was drunk and I wasn't.

Drunk coworkers are bizarre. Enough said.

Apparently I'm aggressive and confrontational. I was informed of this fact for the thousandth time or so. My response was that when I get into arguments it is always the other person who is getting really mad and hostile. Apparently the fact other people get outraged when I speak is somehow an indication of my nature and not theirs. Go figure.

In other news, the subject of my sexuality did not become the centerpiece of this poker game. One of my coworkers seems convinced that I'm gay. For anyone who has read my blog before, they will know that my heart and soul belong to a sweet little goddess who hates my guts and won't talk to me. The irony is that at one time she claimed that I was gay too. I think her and my coworker have a very similar theory. The theory goes something like this: I obsess over a woman who is incredibly amazing and who makes every other woman in the world seem incomplete or inadequate in comparison. This obsession is clearly my means of masking the fact that I am gay which I refuse to acknowledge because I don't want to deal with it...or some junk like that. I disagree completely, but of course what do I know...it's only my life.

I also thought that at the age of 24 I would be beyond the peer pressure of drinking. Apparently not. I did a couple of shots to commemorate the death of Johnny Ramone, but that was it. I have come to realize that most jobs really do require heavy drinking. Back when I worked in Banking I went to many social functions and was the designated driver because I don't drink. After I left the bank, and after attempts to get me to stay, my boss told me that it was just as well that I left since my future was probably limited since I don't drink. Luckily my boss is now in Chicago so I don't think it's very likely that he will hold up my career for not drinking with him.

For those of you who were ready to mock me...I got all my schedules that I intended to do on Sunday done. Ha ha. Take that you wishers of doom.

Enough of my personal life however. I know why you all come here. For television quotes. No just kidding. Hopefully some come here to see if I have any economics ranting that I feel the need to impart to the world. Sadly for you misguided souls, I'm not going to be posting my own economic ramblings today. I don't post much on the economic issues right now mainly because I am suffering from the quick post syndrome...which I really do hope to correct in the future. Basically, I sit down when I have a few minutes and post some thoughts and maybe some links. Generally I don't allocate myself enough time to present a well thought out analysis and literate explanation of that analysis. I also often run into the problem of having something I want to say, but realizing that to prove my point I would have to resort to either alot of basic theory which would just get ignored by those unsympathetic to the argument anyway so it wouldn't do any good, or I would have to dig through all of my boxes, many of which are still in California to find the documentation and actual figures to prove my point (where it is possible to empirically prove or support it). Sadly I was not on my game enough when going through college to save everything on my computer...I printed everything or made copies in the library. I mean everything. Anyway, I hope to start devoting more time to my blog in the future so that I can remedy my lack of detailed analysis...but for the time being you will be forced to suffer through my quick haphazard postings.

So for right now, here are a few links.

For those dying to know, you can swim through syrup at the same speed as water. Via geekpress.

In light of the insanity of yet another tobacco lawsuit (yes I did say insanity...if any of my readers are from California they will either completely understand the insanity or send me angry emails about how I'm a shill for the tobacco companies and that I should go die) I thought I would direct everyone to an interesting paper on the 1997 Tobacco Resolution that I found interesting. It's been quite awhile since I read it so the link is to the page before the download so that you can read the abstract.

Also along the same lines, here is one of many papers showing that premature death of smokers may actually end up saving taxpayers money not losing money through medical costs as is often touted.

Have fun all...tonight is the season premier of Gilmore Girls so I must be off.

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