Wednesday, August 18, 2004


Posner Rocks

Hey all.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am I a big fan of Judge Posner and that I would readily nominate him for the Supreme Court if given the chance. Thus far, virtually everything he has written has turned out to be an enjoyable read that makes you think in a nonemotional and logical way. This has been one of the more absurd criticisms of his work I might add, one that my roommate once threw at me when I tried to get her to read a chapter from "Sex and Reason," "he just writes too look at issues like that intellectually." I banged my head into a table for nearly an hour on that argument.

In any case, I would like to thank "How Appealing" for the link to this recent court decision written by Judge Posner. I think it was a remarkably interesting argument, but what I find even more interesting is how logically and simply Posner (along with I am sure the other judges) was able to deal with the argument).

On another note...I promised I would put a link to this from Tax Watch. Courtesy of one of the authors over at Idea Shop. It is on "Making Sense of the Presidential Tax Plans." Please note on page 4 that it was Peter the Great, not Alexander the Great as I had stated that had a beard tax.

Sorry I don't have more to post right now, but I have to run out of the office and get my dry cleaning in so that I don't run out of clothes damnit...I really need to get a dry cleaner in my work building.

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