Thursday, August 12, 2004


One more post today before i go home

I had to send in this update. If people thought the 2000 election was a muddled mess, check out this post on possibilities for the 2004 election.

Also, here is a ridiculous policy. State repeals tax on gasoline and threatens 3rd degree felony charges on gas stations that don't pass it on to consumers. It makes me cringe to think that anyone would even consider this to be a sound economic policy.

Okay, that is it for tonight. Time for me to head home for the evening. Argh it was a long day, and so now I will head home, stop by the Men's Wearhouse to buy some socks (I'm wearing my last clean pair and undoubtedly will not feel like doing something so simple as the laundry tonight) and maybe watch Celebrity Poker. I really need to get a girlfriend (not to take care of my socks, but rather to give me something to do that is more enticing in getting me out of the office than Celebrity Poker). Incidentally, for those of you keeping track, I believe that with the inclusion of Sunday nights Celebrity Poker games on the Travel channel that now makes 4 nights a week that a new poker game is on each week. Tuesdays has ESPN with back to back tournaments. For those of you who are looking to see how games other than Texas Hold'em are played, check out the 2nd tournament of the night. It is usually some less popular game. I think I would be good at Razz in which the worst hand is the winner. Wednesday nights have the Travel Channel game. Thursdays are Celebrity Poker on Bravo. Now, Sunday might have actually Poker on against itself as the Travel Channel has started its version of Celebrity Poker and Fox Sports is also dipping its foot into the well on Sunday night. It is kind of disturbing. We either need to get some better television programming on tv (please come back Joss) or I need a girlfriend. Preferably both though. Anyway, night.

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