Thursday, August 05, 2004


More on Voting

Thanks to Dr. Frank of MTX fame, I was directed to this article. I'm posting the link here for my left-wing friends because while I don't agree with the entire article I think the point that Klein is making is important. I make Bush jokes, but I sometimes feel bad about it because everyone does it. I don't particularly want to defend Bush, but I often find myself having to because of the one dimensional attacks that are so commonplace. Klein also makes a good point about how little difference there is between Kerry and Bush. Please don't let anyone think that I am wholeheartedly agreeing with Klein. Even in this article there are multiple occasions where I smack my head in wonderment (is that a word?). Still, I think that the right's main advantage in the coming political tussle is the left. Maybe trite one-liners taking shots at the intelligence of the opposition will make those already supporting Kerry laugh at their foe, but will it really help get new votes? Attacking Bush might be enough to get people not to vote for him, but I can't imagine it will get people to the voting booths to vote for Kerry.

What will, unfortunately, get Kerry votes is his manipulation of figures. See my earlier post. I am not voting for Bush, but I get driven insane when people blame Bush for the job loss in this country. Kerry has been fond of pointing out how much worse things are then when a Democrat was in the white house. I am not one of those people who think that Clinton was the great Socialist Satan, but I also don't see how anyone can attribute the growth of the 90's to him or even his administration. Even if we did attribute the growth to his administration though, the economy was already going south when Bush took office. One might also add, that unemployment rates are not particularly high. They are .1% higher than they were at this time of year in 1996 when Clinton was running for reelection. The deficit as a percent of GDP is not at "historic highs" as I keep hearing. (Hopefully noone will take this statement to mean I support the deficit. Actually, I couldn't care less about the deficit, what I care about is the spending. That is a distinction that some people will question me on, but that is best left for another time.) I'm definitely not saying that Bush has been good for the economy, but sadly the things I complain most about in terms of his economic policies are policies that Kerry would continue to follow, or go even further. Tariffs and trade restrictions have been the order of the day for Bush and with all of Kerry's talk about how horrible outsourcing is, we can't expect better from him. There are plenty of reasons not to vote for Bush, but the ones that Kerry keeps bringing up are manufactured. Why doesn't Kerry go after Bush for things like this idiotic proposal for an amendment to the constitution defining marriage? (Yes, I realize he has alluded to this issue, but unless I missed it he has yet to vocally denounce it specifically.) Why not go after Bush on the many problems with the Patriot Act (although there are definitely some Democratic Congressmen who he would have to throw to the wolves too)? Why not go after Bush for limiting stem cell research? I could go on and on...I'm not mentioning the hundreds of economic issues I would call attention to mainly because, as I said before, Kerry would do the same thing for most of them if not worse.

Can I get off topic yet again? Why is it not racist or at least ethnocentric to say that Americans deserve jobs but people in other countries don't? (Landsburg has been the most influential in arguing this point of view in his book Fair Play: What Your Child Can Teach You About Economics, Values, and the Meaning of Life, relevant excerpt here)

Okay, I'm sure I was going somewhere here but the TV caught my eye and I'm tired so I am calling it quits for tonight. I'm thinking of making "Peace Out" my signature line. I'l mull that over later.


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