Sunday, August 22, 2004


Mix CD suggestions?

Okay, I can't sleep...arghhh...
So I'm working on this mix CD for my wrestling girl out in California. I'm horrible at doing mix tapes though. I have no sense of composition or structure when it comes to these kinds of things. I've been shuffling stuff around for some time and I'm not getting anywhere. I want to give her something she can listen to when she is down and it will make her feel better...not necessarily because it is uplifting because she is smart enough to see through that right away, but because it keys into something she can identify with. She likes the Smiths which is what started me in making her a mix CD. I had mentioned she should listen to them and she said she loved them and then said she wanted to hear "Even Hitler had a Girlfriend." Right now I have this list

1. Laid --Matt Nathanson
2. Schadenfreude --Avenue Q (Jason...I saw the soundtrack on sale so I picked it up if you want to borrow it)
3. There's a Fine Fine Line --Avenue Q
4. Common People -- Pulp
5. Razzmatazz --Pulp
6. Hurt --Johnny Cash
7. Simple Man --Shinedown (Cover version...I was thinking about bookending the CD and starting with the original Lynyrd Skynyrd version and ending with the Shinedown version)
8. Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend --Mr. T Experience
9. Reason to Believe --Rod Stewart
10. Sunday Morning Coming Down --Kris Kristofferson
11. Shipwrecked in the Eighties --Kris Kristofferson
12. Wishing on Someone Else's Star --Brian White
13. Dan Treacy --Mr. T Experience
14. Hackensack --Fountains of Wayne
15. No Better Place -- Fountains of Wayne

I still need 5 more. I know alot of you are already complaining. Why do I have so many sets of twos for artists...well I'll be honest...much of my musical collection is still in CA, and also, I tend to own a relatively large number of CDs by a relatively small number of artists, hence much repeating...though some of the dupes are from one CD, such as the Fountains of Wayne ones. What can I say? It is a really good CD.

I figure I have to put a Dwight Yoakum number on there...I just don't know which one yet. Also maybe a Willie Nelson number. The Ramones would be an obvious choice, but I think I am going to hold off on them for another time...I have my reasons as deep and mysterious as they can be. "Feed Jake" might make it on there, by Pirates of the Mississippi. There is something about the chorus mixed with the social commentary that I'm sure she would appreciate.

"Now I lay me down to sleep,
pray the lord my soul to keep,
and if i should die before I wake
Feed jake...
He's been a good dog
my best friend
right through it all
if I die before I wake
Feed Jake"

Oh god...I just realized that I have to include "Vincent" on the CD...Don McClean (I don't think I spelled that right) Most people know the song as "Starry Starry Night" It has got to go on there, but unfortuneatly I don't think I have it on CD out here...I might have it on cassette...damn...gotta go digging tomorrow. Maybe "Crossroads" too, as long as I'm doing two by some artists.

I guess that will about do it...I also want to introduce her to "Lords of Acid" but I figure its best to wait until she turns 18 and I can't be charged with corrupting a minor or some junk charge like that. Any suggestions or criticisms would be I said when I started this post...I'm horrible at making mix CDs and I'd hate for her impression of me to be forever scarred as she thinks to herself "this guy either doesn't care at all or is just incompetent."

Okay, I'm going to try and get some sleep.

Night again.

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