Saturday, August 14, 2004


Hanging out with Economists

I had to comment on this. Apparently Bryan Caplan over at Marginal Revolution has an all economist D&D game. I am so envious. Can you get any better than that?

"I throw my bag of sunk costs over the monster and it disappears."
I'm sure there are better one liners, but this was the first one I thought of. I am soliciting best D&D economics one liners from the masses.

I have to say, hanging out with economists in traditionally non economic environments is one of the most entertaining things to do with an evening (probably the most annoying for the people we were around). Often, after finals I would go to the bar with my fellow econ students (and sometimes professors) and we would engage in great economic debates (and sometimes drunken economic debates). I remember one particular waitress giving us strange looks as we tried to understand why she was not taking what we thought was the most efficient route to servicing the tables. She obviously hadn't thought much about it, but us with our napkins full of geometric shapes had concluded that there was a much more efficient route. Of course, we couldn't leave it at that...we then assumed that we were missing some piece of information that she had that explained why she was not taking this route. We began the interogation. My thought was that she was maximizing the exposure of her "ass"ets to the tables that were likely to be the largest tippers. She never shared the important missing link to explain her somewhat odd behavior. It is a mystery that still keeps me up some nights.

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