Wednesday, August 25, 2004



Okay, I decided not to just change my post below because I like to let people see that my opinion can change, even if only slightly. The not using cell phones aspect of the boycott (see below) may not be such a bad idea. If the real purpose of the boycott is just to show that there are many gay and lesbian people in a measurable form then this has some merit. The other aspects still don't make sense...ironically the site lists several guidelines attributed to Ghandi for boycotts, one of which is "Keep the focus of the event narrow." I think they might want to take that guideline down since they clearly aren't following it.

I also think everyone should check out the site because the number of stereotypes that are included on the webpage originally made me think I had gotten the wrong webpage (a joke parody). Examples: "Imagine if Broadway shut down for the day. Imagine if brides could not find florists for their weddings for those days. Imagine if people could not get appointments to get their hair cut that day. "

'Kay, I'm really done ranting now.

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