Saturday, July 24, 2004


First Post (aptly titled)

Well, I finally decided to engage in this act of self-indulgence and create a blog.  I have been hanging out with a couple of new friends and when I mentioned a story from one of the blogs that I read on a regular basis, they both informed me that they had their own blogs.  The truth is, that I really don't know if I have anything to say...At least not anything that anyone else would care about.  I also would like to state from the outset, that since I am not expecting any readers of this blog, I am not going to go out of my way to be particularly eloquent.  This statement is a word of warning to those people who know me and come across this blog and would like to hold the level of writing on this site against me as a person.  Anyway, where do you start a blog? 

I guess there are three methods of blogging.  One is to be entirely issue or topic oriented.  Two is to blog as if you were writing in a personal journal, with the ability to link and to let others read about why you had an awful day.  Third is obviously an amalgam of the two.   The fact is that if I go too far into my personal life I will invariably spiral out of control and every single post will be about the love of my life and how unrequited love, to put it plainly, sucks.  I am going to try to avoid making that the centerpiece of the blog, though I am sure some night at 2 am when I can't sleep I will make my way over to the computer and in a haze of self pity, I will delve into a diatribe on the virtues of my sweet little pyromaniac.

I am going to try and make this blog a little bit more commentary based, although I make no promises and as the dictator of my particular blogosphere, I will not hesitate to change directions at a whim.  So anyway, as the title of the blog may indicate, I am into economics so there is likely to be an economic slant on most issues.  The title of the blog, Sequential Rationality, is often used in game theory to denote the idea that a player should maximize his payoffs at each point in the game, re-optimizing his decisions at each point and taking into account the fact that he will re-optimize in the future.  The point is that what is rational at one point in time is not necessarily rational at another.  I am sure at some point I will post a blog defining rationality and defending its existence in the real world as this is a topic that seems to come up way too often and I am an ardent believer that the rational agent assumption in many economic models is not unrealistic, despite the objections of my friends in the humanities departments where I went to school.  In any case, I named the blog as I did based on the premise that I will no doubt post things that contradict each other from time to time or will publish a post before my idea has been fully flushed out and before people start creaming me, they might think about the fact that when more information is provided I can be swayed and reassess the optimization point based upon my new information. 

My first real post will probably be tomorrow night, but this evening I thought I would just introduce myself.  Most of that is done.  I am 24 years old and am newly relocated to the Detroit area from Sunny California.  Everyone is always shocked when they find out I moved from California to Detroit on purpose.  They act like it must have been some accident and that I bought a plane ticket without looking at the destination.  I moved to change career paths.  I was in the banking industry but after working 80-100hrs a week for awhile I decided that if I ever wanted to have a family and to treat them right I needed to change careers.  I got a job with the Federal Government and had three choices.  1. San Francisco--If you are going to live in California, live in Southern California.  Northern California is just f'd up.  Okay, maybe I am painting with too broad a brush, but I had an aunt who joined what I consider to be a cult in San Francisco and I can't imagine living in that area, at least not until I'm making 70 or 80 grand a year.  2nd choice was Dallas.  I am trying to find a woman who can make me forget about the most amazing woman on the planet.  This is no easy task and it wouldn't be helped by living in an area where I would have to compare the sweet voice of my angel with the annoying southern drawl of the women in that area.  (Have I offended enough people yet?)  So that left me with my 3rd choice, aka Detroit.  I didn't know too much about it, but I grew up in Illinois so it is kinda like returning to my Midwest roots. 

My roommate just came home...she is a little drunk and seems to need some help so I will say goodnight for now and will hopefully post more later.


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